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Before you start

  • To get predictable results it is important to model everything to real size in meters. If you prefer feet, then you can change the units of length in the Hip File Options. It is important that you set the length units before you create your simulation, otherwise the units will not take effect.

  • Make sure that in the initial setup, the cloth does not intersect the body geometry anywhere.

  • You can model your cloth using either triangles or quads. If you use triangles, then it is recommended that you supply uv attributes, to control the weft and warped directions of the cloth fabric. If you model your cloth as quads, the uv coordinates are optional. If you leave them out, the weft and warped directions of the cloth are determined by the edge directions. It is also possible to model your cloth using a mix of triangles and quads, as long as you provide uvs.

  • Any character animations that you use with cloth should have an unchanging topology - same point/vertex/primitive numbers for each frame.

Creating simple cloth

  1. Create a piece of cloth geometry using the Grid tool on the Create shelf.

  2. Change the Size parameter on the grid to 1×1.

  3. Select the object and click the Cloth Object tool on the Cloth shelf to turn the grid into a cloth object.

  4. Constrain two corners of the cloth object using the Cloth Follow Animation tool on the Cloth shelf.

  5. Click the Play button on the playbar to watch the animation.

Dressing an animated character

Assuming that you have cloth geometry and animated body geometry available, both as SOP networks, you can set up a dressed character simulation using the tools on the Cloth shelf.

  1. Open the SimpleDressSetup example file TODO.

  2. Turn the dress into a Cloth Object.

  3. Click the Deforming Collider tool to turn the animated body geometry into a body that the cloth can collide with.

  4. Use the Attach Cloth to Body tool to attach the cloth object to the animated body.

  5. Click the Play button on the playbar to watch the animation.

For a more detailed tutorial, see How to create a simple cloth skirt and attach it to a character.


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