User interface

  • Menus

    Explains each of the items in the main menus.

  • Viewers

    Viewer pane types.

  • Panes

    Documents the options in various panes.

  • Windows

    Documents the options in various user interface windows.


  • Expression functions

    Expression functions let you compute the value of parameters.

  • Expression cookbook

    Tips and tricks for writing expressions to accomplish various effects.

  • Python Scripting

    How to script Houdini using Python and the Houdini Object Model.

  • VEX

    VEX - это высокопроизводительный язык выражений, используемый во многих местах в Houdini, например, для написания шейдеров.

  • HScript commands

    HScript is Houdini’s legacy scripting language.

Command line

Guru level